Virtual, Telephone, Mail and Physical Loss Control Inspections

"Your Risk is our business"

C v a s

Virtual, Telephone, Mail and Physical Inspections are available with CVAS. We know the challenges of our customers and the risks they and their clients endure on a day to day basis. We have evolved and critiqued our products in this era of COVID to ensure the safety of everyone involved. CVAS has a state of the art data system which provides a streamlined, quality product with high definition photographs.

Inspections include but are not excluded to photo only, observation reports and high value surveys. Liability and hazards, condition of the property, size of the dwelling, property diagrams are also recorded based on the inspection requested. 

Examples of types of homeowner and business inspections include:

  • Photo Only Surveys
  • Dwelling Observation Surveys
  • High Value Homeowners Surveys
  • Interior Residential
  • Exterior Residential
  • Tenant Homeowner Surveys
  • Mobile Home Surveys
  • ​Electrical/Heating Survey
  • Woodstove Survey
  • Farm Inspection
  • Commerical Kitchen
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Day Care
  • Automobile